Redecorating one’s home is common during the start of a new year, so if you’re thinking about revamping one or all of the rooms in your home, you might be wondering what you can do to get the most out of your purchases. One popular move is investing in a new piece of “room-central” furniture, such as couches, sleeper sofa beds, armoires, or bed frames. Many households opt to update their home’s style with modern furniture, while others go for a more regal approach. One key part of redecorating your home is deciding on a new color scheme, should you decide to invest in furniture that breaks up the old colors in your rooms.

Color Schemes for Bedroom Furniture

Because of bedding and rugs, choosing a new color scheme for your bedroom is typically easier than choosing a new color scheme for your living room, family room, or dining room. You’ve also got easier options when it comes to choosing new wooden accents and items, as they are generally easy to match. If you would like to purchase a new bed frame and pair it with a chiffonier, which is a type of four-legged wardrobe, the likelihood that you’ll find woods that match is on your side.

As for bedding, rugs, and drapery, matching them is typically very easy, even if the pieces you choose do not come in a set. Consider your bedding as the focal point of your room and make it the deciding-factor of your bedroom’s color scheme. Once you have bedding picked out, choosing a solid-color rug similar to your bedding’s primary color works like a charm. For drapery, choose the two main colors of your bedding, one for the main curtain and the other for the accent or under-drape.

Color Schemes for Living Rooms

Living rooms are a bit harder to color-match, but it’s definitely worth accomplishing. A smartly-colored living room can make even older pieces of furniture look like they’re part of a brand-new set. Let’s say you’ve just purchased a set of leather sleeper sofa beds and you want to create a color scheme to combine your sleeper sofas, coffee table, end tables, and entertainment center.

Choosing accent pieces that fit the color scheme of your choosing can make every piece of furniture in your living room look like it was part of the same set. If you’re choosing natural colors like gray and brown and mixing them with a bright accent color, like Tiffany blue, use the accent color to tie the rest of the room together. Lay down a blue rug, throw pillows, lampshades, and maybe a vase or candle. The accent color will draw the eye and pull all of the natural colors together.

One way to determine great color schemes is to visit furniture stores. Take a look at the designs on the floor displays of bedroom and living room sets available for purchase. Stores design their displays so that they look as appealing as possible, so taking a page out of their book is an excellent way to improve your own color schemes.

Speaking of books, looking through the display photos in furniture catalogs is another great way to choose your room’s new color scheme. You don’t have to buy new sleeper sofa beds if you’re fond of what you already have, even if they’re not the same color as the rest of your room. Color scheming does not have to be a perfect match in order to make your room’s layout look new. As long as the accent pieces are well-placed, your guests’ eyes will be more drawn into the matching colors than those which aren’t exactly identical.

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