When you think of buying leather sectional sofas, you might be concerned about cleaning because leather is considered a luxury material. Besides looking great for decades, leather is one of the easiest materials to maintain — despite what you may have heard. Follow these simple guidelines to keep your leather sectional sofas looking, feeling, and smelling new.

But before we get cleaning, let us first consider the different types of leather which will determine how you will clean your American leather sectional.

  1. Aniline leather: This type of leather is natural looking and features noticeable natural marks that look like barbed wire scars, scratches, or wrinkles. This kind of leather makes your American Leather comfort sleeper look distinctive and classy. It is tough and great quality to use if you have kids who will also be using your leather sectional sofas.How to clean aniline leather: to keep your leather sofas looking new and fresh, clean aniline leather with a soft cloth and vacuum your couch with a soft brush extension. You can use a mild cleaning solution to rub the leather down. This preserves the quality of leather while eliminating debris and dust that will damage the material over time.
  2. Pigmented leather: Pigmented leather is also known as aniline-plus leather. The type of leather is treated to make it smoother, has scratches, marks, and branding. It is also treated to resist strains. It is the most common leather type in furniture stores, and your leather sectional sofas are likely made from this material.How to clean pigmented leather: You can clean pigmented leather in the same way you clean aniline leather. This means dusting your leather sectional couch with a soft cloth, vacuum with a soft brush and using cleaning solutions occasionally.
  3. Nubuck leather: This leather type has been buffed to feel more like suede or velvet. It brings more kinds of noticeable range marks. While it looks pretty good as a sleeper sofa bed, it needs a lot of care because it stains easily, leaves noticeable marks, and will fade faster than pigmented and aniline leather.How to clean nubuck leather: If your leather sectional sofas are made of nubuck leather, it is best to use professional cleaning service to keep them fresh and new. A professional will have the protection products you need to help your sofas resist natural body fluids, spills, and perspirations. Professional cleaning services will also help to maintain the velvet or suede texture.As a rule of thumb, always use a conditioner every 6-12 months to clean your leather and be sure to wipe off spills as soon as they occur with a clean cloth. Only use cleaning products meant for leather and dust your sectional sofas as often as possible.

Advantages Of Leather Sofas

When you visit a furniture store, it is normal to be torn between getting a fabric sofa and a leather sofa. However, leather sofas are durable and often last longer than your average fabric couches. They keep their shape for years and look sharp if you maintain them properly by cleaning then well.

Messy kids and clumsy adults will not worry you because cleaning a stain is easy especially if done immediately, a spill occurs. Lighter leather sofas are known to be less stain resistant, but they are easy to clean than a fabric sofa. Also, you need to regularly moisture the leather, which keeps it soft and in good shape.

You may be wondering if leather sofas will be cold to sit on during winter. The answer is not easy to provide, but what you need to keep in mind is leather reflects the room temperature or your body temperature. It may be cold to the touch on a cold day, but a warm blanket with quickly raise its temperature to a comfortable degree.

With the advantages highlighted here, and strategies to clean your leather furniture, you should maintain your sofas for a long time by keeping them fresh and looking new. Leather is naturally durable, which is a plus for you.

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