In-Store Floor Planning

Most people are not aware of the best way to place furniture in their room to provide maximum functionality and achieve the design aesthetic they desire. While it may be evident that a room is not suiting your needs, it is not always obvious to the untrained eye, why this may be. That’s where we can help.

Once you have determined that the style, comfort and price of our furniture matches your needs and budget, we can assist with determining the best furniture options and placement to achieve your vision.


What You Do

Bring in the overall dimensions of your room along with measurements of doors, windows, fireplaces and any existing furniture you plan to keep in the room. The more information you can provide, the better.

Keep in mind any tight hallway, narrow doorway or staircase access to your room that may impact your furniture choices and make note of those dimensions as well. Most of our furniture has multiple size options, removable parts or can be completely customized to fit your space or delivery challenge but knowing these limitations ahead of time will help us suggest the appropriate pieces for your unique situation.

What We Do

We will take your measurements and make a scale drawing with suggested furniture placement keeping in mind the primary use for the room, traffic flow requirements and the tenets of good design.

We can also assist with fabric and finish selections to ensure compatibility with any existing furniture you may have in the room. Depending on the number of customers needing service on any given day, we can produce your floor plan during your store visit or email you in the following days.

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