Standard Mattress Sizes

Estimating the Appropriate Size Bed for Your Room

The focal point of any bedroom is typically the bed. However, before you begin thinking about color, style and material, consider the mattress size you would prefer and whether your room can accommodate it.

Most couples prefer a Queen or King size mattress. While the length of a Queen and King mattress is the same, the extra 16″ of width in a King size provides more room for larger folks or sleepers who like to “spread out”. California Kings are not as wide as standard King beds, but they do offer an extra 4″ of length. This works well for those over 6’5″ tall.

Many people choose Twin and Full size mattresses for children’s rooms as the length is shorter than Queen and King mattresses. Full size mattresses may also be referred to as Double. These terms are used interchangeably.

Beds are usually 5-6 inches larger in width and length than the accompanying mattress. This means it is best to start with the mattress size when estimating the footprint of the bed (or beds) in the planning stages of your bedroom.  Keep in mind that you will need room for nightstands on one or both sides of the bed. If you are trying to maximize your mattress size in a small room, you may need to get creative when it comes to storage options. See Bed Types for more information on what to consider when furnishing a bedroom.

Mattress Size
Standard Mattress Sizes

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