What Is Modern Style In Interior Decor And Its CharacteristicsChoosing a design style is not easy for many people, mostly because they do not know the terms that describe various interior design styles. For instance, did you know that modern furniture and contemporary furniture refer to two totally distinct schools of design? When you think of modern furniture, you may imagine something completely different than your next door neighbor would. Do you mean bold, colorful designs using synthetic materials, or the classic designs of mid-century modern furniture? If you aren’t familiar with interior design, then it can get very confusing.

Typically, modern furniture and decor uses natural materials such as wood and leather. The furniture usually features more neutral colors such as grey, black, and brown. Finally, this style of interior design embraces more minimalist designs, eliminating the intricate details and accents common in past centuries.

The recent emphasis on decluttering and simplicity has seen the modern style become popular today than it was a few decades ago. The style’s emphasis on functionality has helped people live with items they actually use and still have a stylish home that is warm and welcoming.

The industry is not short of unique designs to choose from, so if you are thinking of sprucing up your house, understand the modern style before you start shopping for furniture.

History Of Modern Style Decor

Modern furniture has its roots in German and Scandinavian architecture. The style is simple and unadorned and continued to grow in popularity throughout the first half of the 20th century. The derivatives in this style are midcentury modern and post century modern styles. The idea behind these styles is that form follows style, which means that the modern furniture should always follow their function. If the decor, furnishing or decorating detail does not seem to serve a particular purpose, it should be eliminated.

Characteristics Of Modern Furniture

When you visit modern furniture stores, you will notice that the furniture features clean designs. The style is uncluttered with clear lines and lacks fussy decorations. Furnishing your living areas with modern furniture will call for leaving structural elements such as beams and concrete exposed inside your home. The style also encourages low horizontal furnishings that emphasize clean lines. Natural lighting is celebrated with windows often going unadorned.

You may also notice unpainted natural wood, metal, leather and natural fiber in the modern furniture store you visit. Reflective surfaces favored by modern furniture include chrome, glass, and steel, which gives the space an airy look and makes it feel larger than it is.

The Difference Between Modern And Contemporary Style

A lot of people use these two styles interchangeably, but as mentioned previously, they refer to two separate schools of interior design. It is not surprising because the two are similar in some respects. You may even find modern furniture stores Northern VA referring to modern contemporary style, which is acceptable. However, there is a distinct difference in the styles.

Contemporary style is not born from any era but evolves with time incorporating the different styles of the age. That is why it is common to find a contemporary modern style in a store or a vintage contemporary style. Contemporary usually incorporates what is in style in the said era and incorporated its characteristics in it. This includes distinctive forms and curved furnishings.

It can often include contrasting colors with a lot of black and white. Modern style, on the other hand, prefers more neutral colors. Another difference is that contemporary pieces may have a decorative purpose, but for a piece to be included in a truly modern space, it needs to be functional.

Contemporary style, on the other hand, loves adorning the space with decoration in different colors, which brightens up the contrasting blacks and white often used in this style.

The modern style uses leather furniture more than it does fabric, which is one of its distinctive features. Contemporary style is not limited to leather or fabric and will often incorporate more material choices in style and design.

Now that you know what to expect when designing your modern space, you might want to visit a modern furniture store to see the kind of furniture you can use in your newly modernized home.

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