Your bedroom may be tiny but that doesn’t mean you can’t maximize the space. From finding a great bed at one of the storage bed stores near you to decluttering unused items, you can make your bedroom cozy and spacious. Being cozy doesn’t mean you have to feel cramped. Here’s how you can maximize storage in a small bedroom.

Make Your Bed Multifunctional

You could buy a smaller bed but a better idea is to get bedroom furniture that is multifunctional. You can eliminate bulky dressers with a sleeper sofa or storage bed that has the capability of storing extra items. You don’t have to rely on storing everything underneath your bed where it can collect dust bunnies. You can store extra clothes, personal items, and even bulky blankets and pillows inside the storage beds or in drawers on the side. Some even have safes where you can store important documents and valuables.

There are many different types of beds that will provide you with the extra space you need. While shopping at storage bed stores, look for a sleeper sofa bed that features bookcases and drawers you can store things in. You could even consider a murphy bed that folds up vertically to the wall when not in use. The third most expensive item people buy during their life outside of a car or house is furniture. So, why not get everything you can out of it?

Upgrade Your Closet Space

Making the most of your closet space can go a long way in making a smaller bedroom look bigger. You can upgrade your closet space by using space-saving hangers that can hold multiple items. Pegboards can hold belts, jewelry, and ties. You can find closet organizers as well that are easy to install that provide shelving for shoes, purses, and other accessories.

Do you want a walk-in closet but don’t have the closet room? Install shelves on the surrounding bedroom walls and use rods to hang clothes. Your whole bedroom install becomes an entire walk-in closet. You can even install a wall mount desk and create a makeshift office nook in your room.

Additional Storage Tips

You can also maximize space by using hanging organizers behind your door to hold smaller items out of sight. Make any other bedroom furniture items you may have multifunctional as well. Look for small nightstands with additional shelving and hang plenty of shelves on the wall. You can use also use beautiful baskets to stash things in.

A small bedroom can be spacious and clutter-free if you know how to maximize the space. Get rid of items you don’t use and upgrade your closet space to give you more room. All that’s left to do now is to enjoy a well-deserved good night’s sleep in your newly organized bedroom.

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