Every month, 50% of U.S. households entertain overnight guests at least once. Another 21% have guests over every day or every week! With the odds of family and friends frequenting your home high, it is important to take some time to put together the perfect guest room. Here are a few ways to get started:

1. Breathe Air Into The Room With Fresh Flowers And Green Plants

On average, Americans sit down on the couch for a full four hours every day. While chances are you are in and out of the living room on a regular basis, that is much less likely to be the case in the guest bedroom. Unfortunately, the air quality in rooms without much use or foot traffic can suffer.

One simple solution is to arrange fresh flowers in a vase on a tabletop in guest rooms. Low maintenance indoor plants are also a great option. Live plants act as a natural air filter. As early as 1989, NASA hypothesized that plants can help filter and purify the air we breathe. Further studies show plants remove volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and air pollutants even in enclosed rooms and spaces. Plus, having a live plant to care for in the guest room can help remind you to go in there from time to time and open a window if it is getting too stuffy.

2. Prioritize Comfort

Carefully think about comfort and bedroom furniture when assembling your guest room. Whether you choose a king-size mattress with a large, lofty frame and curtains or a cozy comfort sleeper sofa, D.C. stores that sell Amish furniture and modern furniture can help you pick out the pieces that will complement your home and promise guests a comfortable night’s sleep.

Purchase high-quality furniture, soft linens, a nice sleeper sofa, and big plush pillows for a comfy, intimate guest room. Add fluffy throw pillows and a soft throw draped over the end of the bed or a well-placed chair. If you have room for it, consider installing a bookcase and/or a reading nook for a quiet nighttime or midday getaway.

3. Use Small Amenities to Make Guests Feel At Home

An easy way to make your guest room feel more complete is to add small amenities. Hang up a robe on a hook near the bathroom. Provide towels, travel-size toothpaste, travel-size soap, and travel-size shampoo. Fill a decorative basket or hamper with extra linens and blankets. Arrange a dinner tray with mugs, a small coffee maker, and coffee packets and tea. Going that extra mile isn’t just for your guests. Allowing guests to enjoy a cup of coffee in their room may give you the opportunity to sleep in a little. Finally, display the wifi password in a frame on the dresser or bedside table–another tip to make overnight stays more convenient for you and your guests.

4. For Small Guest Rooms, Play With Extremes

For smaller rooms, pick a theme and run with it. If you are looking for a guest room bed or comfort sleeper D.C. furniture stores can help you — especially if you know you prefer a wood finish or color scheme. Create a cozy cave with dramatic dark colors. Paint the guest room dark gray or navy blue, and choose deep, dark cherry wood or black furnishings. Opt for the other side of the spectrum and open up small spaces with white walls and wood furniture painted white, pale blue, or light gray.

5. Creating An Impromptu Guest Room

Sometimes, it is necessary to put together a guest room last minute. Whether you currently only have a den or you are hosting quite a few friends or family members, you can create a guest room in very little time with relatively few resources. After picking out a comfort sleeper, D.C. stores can help you choose the most versatile accessories. Stack old crates or colorful vintage suitcases for an impromptu nightstand and add fresh linens and comfortable pillows to complete the look.

If you are after a bed, dresser, or comfort sleeper sofa, D.C. stores can help! Contact modern furniture stores or Amish furniture stores and ask about creating the perfect guest room.

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