It’s not uncommon for homeowners to downsize after their children move out and start their own households. And while downsizing might be better for your personal needs, it’s still nice to have family visit. But there’s one problem: your smaller home doesn’t have a guest room. What now?

Fortunately, making family and friends feel at home when they visit overnight is possible without a guest room. Keep reading to find out how to craft the perfect guest experience in your small space.

Switch Out the Air Mattress for a Sleeper Sofa

The biggest con of not having a guest room is definitely the lack of a proper bed for your guests to sleep in. Sleeper sofa beds can help you with that! Nobody wants to sleep on a cold air mattress that deflates throughout the night, after all. Sofa sleepers can be found at almost all stores that sell modern furniture, so you won’t be sacrificing any style with your purchase. In fact, the best part about these handy pieces of furniture is that they’re so easy to incorporate into your interior decorating. About 91% of sofa buyers report that quality and durability are important purchasing factors, but there’s no sense in foregoing style for sturdiness.

Dress Their Sleeping Quarters with Fresh Sheets

Nothing ruins an overnight experience like rumpled sheets and smelly blankets or pillows. When you have guests staying the night, make sure you treat wherever they’re sleeping just like you would treat a guest room. That means clean sheets, a variety of blankets to choose from, and fresh-smelling pillows. Think about what you would like if you were a guest in your own home and use that as inspiration to make your real guests feel like royalty.

Make Space for Your Guests’ Belongings

One of the biggest advantages of having a guest room is the private space it offers your visitors. Without a guest room, it’s important that you make space for your guests’ belongings somewhere else. With a folding screen and a small table, this is easy to do. Folding screens can help provide a little bit of privacy, and a table with a drawer or two can offer a space for valuables like jewelry. This little gesture can go a long way!

Whether you’re regularly hosting family or you’d simply like to be prepared for a surprise visit, these tips can help guests feel at home without even thinking about a guest room.