As a conscientious, style-forward homeowner, dealing with limited spaces can present a set of unique challenges that aren’t present in other areas of interior design. There are numerous factors to consider as you furnish a space. You want to avoid making a room feel overcrowded and cluttered, but also want to convey your own sense of aesthetic sense. In our simple guide, we hope to get you started on the basics of styling a room with furniture for small spaces so that you and your family are satisfied.

First off, you should always consider the materials that frame furniture for small spaces. High resiliency, high density foams are critical because the padding separates you from the framing members of the sofa. As with seat cushions, density starting at 1.8 lb. per cubic foot is most desirable. It’s wise to keep material considerations at the front of your mind when trying to maximize your space. The size of furniture is of equal importance to the flexibility of its material. Keeping this in mind ensures that you arrange your small scale furniture in the most efficient way possible.

Custom furniture is an option that most homeowners never even think of. When it comes to furniture for small spaces, it helps to work with the assistance of professionals who can take your specific conditions into their design process and produce furniture that conforms to your dimensions and overall style. Custom furniture design is a growing field and it provides an excellent solution to space-constraint problems.

Of course, the type of furniture you’re interested in will vary depending on the type of room you’re furnishing. For bedrooms, storage beds are a great option that save valuable space without compromising on style and comfort. A good storage bed is a win-win situation in that it provides a functional sleeping space while also conserving square feet when it’s not being used. Similar types of furniture for small spaces, such as sleeper sofas, are a great option to consider if your space is used for multiple purposes.

As with all aspects of designing a space, your personal style is as important as functionality. By working alongside trusted industry professionals, you can rest assured that your vision will be considered as you furnish a small space. Contact us today to get started.

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