Four walls and a roof can create a house, but everybody knows that it’s what you’ve got inside the house that makes it a home. The way you decorate your living spaces can tell people a lot about who you are as a person, whether you’re extravagant, practical, efficient, eclectic, or traditional. In some small part, this might explain why choosing new furnishings for your family room is so demanding. The family room is your home’s main gathering space, the area where visitors and residents alike spend a great deal of their time. The sofa, for instance, receives an average of four hours of traffic each day, so comfort and functionality are just as important as style.

If you’re going to invest in a new sofa or sofa bed, there are several things you should consider in choosing a set that complements your daily life. You might want to begin by choosing between custom furniture upholstery options like standard cotton, microfiber, natural or synthetic material, and leather. The average family’s sofa set lasts about eight years, so it’s worth mulling over the pros and cons of each.

Sectionals for Busy Homes

The functions your sofa will serve should play a role in your decision-making as well. For instance, if you happen to have a lot of visitors in your home, opting for a leather sectional sofa would be a wise choice. Sectionals offer a great deal of seating room and the leather material helps prevent stains should anything be spilled on it. Some sectionals also have a hidden storage option under the cushions, which adds another level of functionality to an already great piece of modern furniture.

Sleeper Sofas for Family Visits

Maybe you don’t have guests frequently coming and going, but your extended family members come and stay over during the holiday season. In this case, you can’t go wrong with a sleeper sofa. Throughout most of the year, your sofa set acts as a simple yet eye-catching addition to your living area, but when necessary, it can provide comfortable sleeping space for several people. This option is much easier than hassling with air mattresses that will likely pop in no time, or having your guests sleep on the hard floor. With a quality mattress, a sofa bed allows your guests to sleep with ease and keeps you from tripping over them in the night.

Not only does a sleeper sofa make visiting more convenient for you and your house guests, packing it away during the daytime is quicker and easier than deflating and storing an air mattress, or folding up a stack of quilts from the floor. A sofa bed goes from one function to the next seamlessly, so that your family room doesn’t lose any of its functionality.

The Freedom to Customize

If your lifestyle fits a bit of each of these norms, and you have both frequent evening guests and family visits, choosing a sofa bed that is also a sectional couch is an option. Though most sectionals do not contain a fold-out mattress, customization has made it to where some sofas combine the benefits of having a hideaway sleeper and the convenience of having a sectional sofa.

There are so many options to choose from, and because household furniture is one of the most expensive investments people make in their lives (second only to buying a home or car), it pays to take your time. Shop around, research your options, and if you happen to visit an in-person furniture store, ask questions when the representative offers to assist you.

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