Lowest Price Guarantee

How We Keep Our Prices Lower Than Competitors

Small, Curated Storefront

Instead of displaying many styles from many vendors, we “hand pick” the best U.S. makers
and maintain a small storefront to keep overhead low.

In House Delivery Team

We have our own warehouse and dedicated professional white-glove delivery team.
This translates into less damage and better customer service for you.

No Top-heavy Corporate Structure

Our showroom is our “corporate headquarters”. With no CEO’s, CFO’s, middle managers,
marketing teams or shareholders to pay we need less margin than regional and national chains.

What Makes Our Furniture Different

Handcrafted from Solid American Hardwoods

High quality, long-lasting furniture made in the USA


Small Scale Pieces for City Living

We are experts in designing rooms with small footprint furniture that maximize valuable space


Family Owned

Consistent quality, fair pricing, and personalized service from our family to yours