You do not have to own or rent a large place to make it your dream home. There are a lot of things you can do to make even a small apartment or house look bigger. From getting the right furniture for small spaces to using light to open up the area you have, you can get the look you want for your home

  1. Get the right lighting fixtures. One way to make a room look bigger is to use enough lighting. Mirrors across from a window can also lighten the place up and make it appear more spacious. To keep your lighting fixtures from taking up too much floor space, you can use lighting options that include ceiling lights or sconces on the walls around your rooms. Pendant lighting works well for this, as does string lighting.
  2. Use your vertical space wisely. You can use your walls to make your space look larger than it is. You can add taller items such as, artwork, shelving, and bookshelves to add what is called vertical depth to your rooms. This also means if you put in curtains, you should hang them from just under the ceiling to make the most out of that space. It can also make the walls look taller than they actually are.
  3. Put in furniture for small spaces. You can always get custom furniture for small spaces but you can also get pieces that can serve more than one purpose. Many furniture stores sell items that can be used for several things such as sleeping and sitting. Sleeper sofa beds and transform any room into a bedroom and are great for smaller apartments such as studios. Other kinds of custom furniture can fold up to take up less space when the pieces are not being used.
  4. Put in larger rugs. A big part of making a smaller space look larger is to play with tricking the eye. Small rugs do not make the room look larger but smaller. A large rug can give a room a more grand look. Moreover, they can make the room look and feel bigger than it is. You actually expand the look of the room when you add a larger rug.
  5. Prune down the number of items you have. This may be something you really need to do if you are moving from a house to a condo or apartment. Some people see this as one of the benefits of moving to a smaller space. People who live in smaller homes need to really decide what items they cannot live without and what can be given away or put in storage. Take an inventory of what you have and go through it to decide what your most precious items are.
  6. Clean before you have clutter. In larger spaces, you may have room for more clutter. This is not at all true when you are living in a small space. You need to get rid of any clutter when you are living in a small condo, house, or apartment. Small spaces look better and larger when there is no clutter around the home. You should keep the clutter off of your counters, the floors, and on tables.
  7. Use sheer curtains or rice paper dividers to make discrete spaces in your home. These are great at making one larger room turn into a living space and a bedroom space. These options also keep your home looking airy and bright, which make it look more spacious.
  8. Place larger items around the edge of your space. When you are working with a small space, you should not place larger items in the center of the rooms, where they can dwarf the rest of the space. By placing your items around the room rather than due center, you can make the room have a larger look and feel.

Getting the right furniture for small spaces and using the right lighting options can make a home look and feel more spacious. The highest price tag for a piece of furniture was $28 million that was paid for a chair. You do not have to spend that much to make your small space look and feel special.