When it comes to designing your dream bedroom, you’ll want the best bed, furniture, and accessories to make your sleeping area beautiful and comfortable. While most people in the U.S. still buy their furniture directly in a store, about 12% find their selections online. What items will you need for your dream bedroom? Here are five things to consider to help you choose the perfect furniture for your bedroom.

Bed Frames

There are five types of bed frames that you can choose from. A panel bed features a headboard and footboard that connect together with side rails and have center supports to hold up a box spring mattress. Upholstered beds are designed with fabric covering its entirety and may feature details such as nailhead trim and tufting. Storage beds are highly functional furniture for your bedroom. A storage bed can allow you to store items and give you a lot more overall space.

Canopy beds feature four posts that connect to form silhouette similar to that of a tent. These are perfect modern furniture pieces for bedrooms that have high ceilings. Platform beds contain a frame that has a raised base made with either a solid platform or flexible wooden slats. The bed frame you choose for your bedroom furniture will depend on how much you will be able to spend according to your budget.

Bedroom Storage

Unless you buy a bed with storage built-in, you are going to need furniture for your bedroom that can hold your stuff. You will probably need a dresser or chest of drawers to store your clothes. Both typically feature around six drawers. However, dressers are wider than a chest of drawers and may take up more space. A chest of drawers can provide more functionality in terms of shelving and use for media equipment such as TVs. You may also want to consider nightstands to hold your essentials nearby such as a lamp, your phone, and something to drink during the night.

Accent Pieces

If you have a large room, you may want to consider accent pieces like desk or benches. With a desk, you can have a mini office right in your room. Benches will give you the ability to have somewhere to sit while you take off your shoes or change clothes.

Bedroom Accessories

While choosing furniture for your bedroom, you’ll want to pick out some accessories to help decorate and provide even more comfort and functionality. If you have hard floors, you may want to get a rug to keep your feet warm when you wake up. You’ll also want to have some wall decor to give you something to look at, just make sure it’s something you’ll love seeing every day.

A mirror is essential to help you choose the perfect outfit for the day and make sure you look nice. Decorative pillows will give you more comfortable cushioning to rest and relax after a hard day. You’ll also want to consider lamps for extra lighting where you need it the most.

Smart Furniture

With all the modern technology available, it’s wise to select furniture that also features ways to help us stay connected. There are many options for bedroom furniture that include USB ports and AC outlets. Some also feature wire management systems to streamline cord clutter. Even lamps can be plugged into nightstands with a lamp assist feature which helps you turn off the lights using an easy to reach sensor.

Consider all your options when choosing furniture for your bedroom so it can reflect who you are and be a place you can’t wait to get to at the end of the day. By selecting the best bedroom furniture, you’ll be sure to have sweet dreams and a good night’s sleep.

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