Whether you are moving into a new home or want to redesign your current space, having the right furniture is vital in expressing who you are. Instead of spending countless hours looking for the perfect pieces to accentuate your place, you can custom design modern furniture to fit your space and your lifestyle needs. Here are four tips to consider when focusing on custom furniture design:

Take Measurements

The first thing you will need to do is to take measurements of the existing furniture you have to determine the overall scale. It’s incredibly helpful to know these dimensions when you contact furniture stores to order custom furniture. Your furniture will then be able to maintain a consistent balance and complement each other with similar textures and colors.

Focus on Fabric Feel

Choosing the right upholstery fabric is critical in custom furniture design. You will need to consider how the furniture will be used. When it comes to buying sofas, 91% of people stated that durability and quality were the two most important things when making a purchase. Do you have pets or children? Then you may want to choose a sofa with synthetic scratch-resistant fabrics in neutral color shades and patterns over an expensive leather sectional sofa they might easily tear to shreds.

Choose An Appealing Frame

The frame of your custom furniture gives a certain shape that accentuates its overall design appeal. You need to consider what style will work best for you. Do you prefer a modern or a retro look? If you are looking for furniture for small spaces, consider modern furniture as these tend to feature more streamlined options. As far as the overall constructional material of the frame, choose engineered wood or kiln-dried hardwood as these are more structurally sound and are less likely to warp or bow.

Consider Accent Details

It’s important not to overlook the additional accent details of your custom made furniture. These include items such as the legs and trim. Consider accents that will complement the existing furniture you have as well as the flooring. You will also want to keep in mind what additional items you may want to accent your furniture such as pillows, lighting fixtures, and rugs. All of these items should blend together in one beautifully coherent masterpiece for you to enjoy for years to come.

It’s important to take your time and consider your custom furniture design options carefully before making a purchase. You want to make sure that your investment will last a long time and meet your lifestyle needs. Consult with a professional at one of your local modern furniture stores to help you make the decision that is best for you.

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