Furniture makes a house a home. With the simple touches of comfortable chairs, stylish end tables, and a dependable couch, your family and your guests will feel welcome and relaxed. But if your sleeper sofa bed has seen better days, perhaps it’s time to consider replacing it. After all, you wouldn’t want guests spending the night on an uncomfortable lumpy sofa bed. The average person sits on their sofa for 4 hours a day, which is all the more reason to replace a ratty couch. If you’re considering replacing your sleeper sofa bed, let’s examine a few reasons why you definitely should.

Consider Your Guests

No one wants to spend an uncomfortable night on an old sleeper sofa bed. A restless night makes for a miserable morning and it can lead to the comfort of your home not feeling quite so comfortable anymore. An American Leather Comfort Sleeper is the perfect solution to replace your old sofa with something that’s not only stylish but comfortable for those unexpected overnight guests. And when it’s time for your guests to leave, simply fold up your sleeper bed and reclaim your living room space.

Consider Your Home

An uncomfortable couch not only discourages guests from sleeping over, but an old, ratty couch doesn’t look too nice in your living room. Upgrade your living space with a new sofa and see how the entire room changes. A new couch not only provides relief for your overnight guests, but adds a fresh touch to your living room without the extensive change of painting, wallpapering, or brand-new accessories.

Save Yourself (and Your Guests) from Injury

Sleeping on a defective sofa isn’t only an uncomfortable experience but it can lead to some serious long-term injury. Back pain sufferers may find themselves dealing with some excruciating pains after a night on an uncomfortable sofa, and those who don’t have ongoing pains may find themselves waking up with new ones. This is an important reason to consider a new sofa bed, as the cost of replacing sleeper sofas can be much less than ongoing medical bills for chiropractic visits and physical therapy.

Long-Lasting Quality

Perhaps your sofa has seen some wear and tear, but you’re convinced there’s still some life in it. Maybe your living room doesn’t quite have the look that modern furniture would bring, but you don’t want to spend the extra money on an upgrade. There may be a number of reasons you feel that a new comfort sleeper couch is out of the question, but the fact remains that 91% of shoppers consider quality and durability when shopping for a new sofa.

If your couch isn’t up to par, investing in a new, quality piece can save you money in the long run, while providing a stylish addition to your living room and a comfortable place to sleep for your guests. It can be as simple are shopping online as well: about 13% of all online sales are furniture despite the preference that consumers have for purchasing their furniture in-store. There’s no excuse not to find a new sofa for your home, an investment that will remain a staple in your life for years to come.

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