Furniture is vital in any home. The kind of furniture you own will determine how homely your house will be. Elegant entertainment furniture will increase your confidence among your friends. And the bedroom furniture will determine your quality of sleep, and ultimately, your productivity.

A sleeper sofa is of no exception. You wouldn’t want your friends waking up with a backache after a long and uncomfortable night on your sofa bed.

Research shows that 91% of sofa-buyers say that quality and durability are important factors when making a purchase. While the same is vital when choosing a sleeper sofa, there are a few other things you should put into consideration.

1. Operating Mechanism

Sofa beds operate with different mechanisms. Futon beds, for instance, use the lift and pull method of operation. Lifting the seat up releases the lock, so you can then pull it down to have your bed.

Others will work with a pullout mechanism. The mattress is stored beneath the sofa seat. You will need to remove the top cushions of the seat and pull out the bed. This type of comfort sleeper will have three folding sections and legs to support it.

Test the opening and closing mechanism first before making your purchase. You want a sleeper sofa that easily opens and closes. It should work in a smooth motion without making annoying noises and its parts shouldn’t break or come loose easily.

The edges of the frame should be smooth in both open and closed positions. It will ensure that your bedding and the fabric on the mattress do not tear.

2. Type of Mattress

The mattress is the most crucial component of sleeper sofas. You should pay attention to the kind of mattress the sleeper sofa comes in.

Memory foam

This is the most comfortable mattress. They are made of visco-elastic foam that will take the shape of your body. It offers adequate support to the body, guaranteeing a good night’s sleep. It is flexible and resistant to dust mites. It is also hypoallergenic.


Spring mattresses consist of a support structure with coils and a polyurethane layer. The comfort of a spring mattress will depend on the number of coils. More coils mean more comfort. A spring mattress will provide firm support.


This is a combination of air and spring technology in the mattress. It has a spring support structure covered by an air mattress. It provides the support of a spring mattress and the conformity of an air mattress.

3. Location

Where will you be placing the sleeper sofa? Will it be a part of your bedroom furniture or your living room furniture?

As part of your bedroom furniture, you will need to focus more on its functionality as a bed, and less as a sofa. A futon or daybed, in this case, will be ideal.

If it is part of your entertainment furniture, it should match with the rest of your living room furniture. Go for something visually attractive. The American leather comfort sleeper is one great example.

4. Available Space

How much space do you have available?

If you are going to be using it in your study room, for instance, your space will be limited. In this case, you need small scale furniture. Pay attention to the dimensions of the sleeper sofa. It should be compact both in its open form and closed form.

If you are going to be using the sofa bed as a couch during the day and moving it to the bedroom at night due to space issues, consider its portability. You will want something that you can move easily.

A sleeper sofa is a convenient type of couch that doubles as a bed. Be keen on the kind of mattress and the operating mechanisms. It should be comfortable and easy to use. Pay attention to the place you intend to place the sofa bed and the size of this space.

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