Walking into furniture stores is always fun. Everything is set up so beautifully and the arrangements just seemed to flow effortlessly. But what if your home is a lot smaller than a store? Here are three great tips on how you can arrange your furniture for small spaces in your home.

  1. Consider the View from the Windows

    When you are in the room that you are furnishing or redoing, pause for a moment and look out the window. What do you see? Are you looking at another building? Are you looking at trees? The ocean? A cityscape? Whatever the view is from your window, you want to open up the room to the outdoors to some extent. This will make the room feel larger. When you arrange your furniture for small spaces like this, keep large pieces of furniture away from the window. Make sure the view is not blocked since this will make the small space feel even smaller.

  2. Consider the Lighting Fixtures

    Don’t forget the lighting fixtures! There are so many styles and options available, but the main thing to remember here is that you do not want your fixture to overpower the room that you are working in. Otherwise, it will make the space seem even smaller. Do you have a large piece, such as a chiffonier? This ‘wardrobe’ or ‘five-drawer chest’ is a magnificent piece on four legs, usually designed in two sections. A piece like this should be the focal point of your room, complemented by the lamps and lighting fixtures you choose.

  3. Consider the Wall Color

    It is good to remember that the walls are to frame your room, not overpower it. Usually, a nice neutral color is a good wall color selection. You could also consider having one wall a shade deeper than the main wall color that you select. This would add a good accent to the room, giving it perspective and depth. Then, if you are looking for furniture for small spaces, you could find a nice storage bed comfort sleeper to go along that wall!

It’s not every day that we go out and buy new furniture. But now, you may find that you are going out and purchasing some items for your home, even if it is furniture for small spaces. Using these three tips will give you a good game plan to make sure that your furniture fits your home nicely and reflects your personality, your taste, and your preferences.