A bed is not just another piece of furniture in your bedroom. Its comfort will determine the quality of sleep you get and inevitably, the kind of day you have.

Bedroom furniture stores Alexandria Virginia offer plenty of types of beds that are high quality. In addition to offering a good night’s sleep, they can have additional functions, such as:

1. A Couch that Doubles as a Bed

A bed that can double as a sofa is the ideal solution to your hosting needs. Whether you are having your children’s friends over or hosting an extended family gathering, these types of beds will always come through in providing your guests with comfortable sleep options. It is a convenient bedroom furniture item that isn’t just comfortable but practical, as well since it saves space.

Here are two types of sofa beds worth a try:

Comfort Sleeper Alexandria

A sofa will last for an average of eight years when put to regular use. But if you are going to be using it as a bed, the life span is bound to reduce.

An American leather comfort sleeper has a real mattress stored inside of it. You can pull it out by removing the cushions and pulling at a handle. Instead of sleeping on the sofa cushions, your guest will sleep on an actual mattress.

The transformed bed will be bigger than the couch and likely much comfier. A comfort sleeper will enable your guests to have a restful sleep while your cushions maintain their lifespan.

A Futon

A futon has a simple couch-to-bed and bed-to-couch conversion mechanism. Your guest will sleep and sit on the same cushioning. It takes up little space since there is nothing that is placed beneath. When you open it, the seat base and the back support lay flat next to each other with the improvised mattress lying on top.

The futon is light and suitable furniture for a small space. It is also ideal for those who like to redecorate and move things around constantly. It is a stand-alone piece that can work well as part of your bedroom furniture in the guest room.

2. Get a Storage Bed

Storage beds are convenient types of beds that you should add to your bedroom furniture set. They offer additional built-in storage, which saves on space in your bedroom. The built-in feature ensures that your stuff remains hidden. It will keep the room neat, comfortable, and functional.

The extra storage could take the form of drawers or cubbies located at the side of the bed or in its frame. Others will open up the sleeping surface to reveal a storage compartment. Whatever your preference, you can always get a model that fits your needs in stores that sell storage beds.

Alternatively, you can invest in a custom furniture item. The furniture store can tailor the bed to meet your specific storage needs. In addition, they can cover it with top quality fabric that fits in with the decor of your bedroom.

3. Luxury Beds

Sleep is an essential aspect of your well-being and you can only have a good rest in a comfortable bed. Besides, if you are a regular seven-hour sleeper, it means that you spend 49 hours a week lying on your bed. This leaves you with no choice but to invest in a high-quality piece of furniture.

Buy a luxury bed. It will not just improve your sleep, but add a touch of style to your bedroom. Invest in a mid-century modern furniture DC bed or a more modern design.

A bed is the central piece of furniture for your bedroom. It pays to invest in a high-quality piece of furniture that improves the appearance of the room. The better the quality, the longer it will last. Inbuilt storage will ensure that your room remains neat and uncluttered, with lots of free space. Ensure that your guests are well cared for by getting the right types of beds.

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